What We Do

To serve as a platform for individuals and organizations to come together to work with each other and governments on the most pressing issues of our generation.
We strive to be the movement of our generation, igniting passion and inspiration to create tangible and lasting change in our world.


Our Acres for Animals campaign aims to spread awareness about the plight of wildlife, their plummeting numbers and to raise funds for wildlife conservation projects.  With habitat loss being one of the major threats, A4A works to preserve, secure, and protect the land through rangers, technology, and community education and involvement. Donate today to help us stop poaching and protect wildlife for future generations!


We strive to influence corporations to “go-green” – to only use business practices that do not harm the environment, humans or wildlife.  We urge our generation to support only Corporations that Care, which are socially responsible, do not test on animals, and maintain ethical environmental stewardship.

We advocate for “conscious consumerism” and believe “every purchase we make, or choose not to make, shapes the way our world operates and what we want our future to look like.” – Emily Kate Symes, Founder Ekoluv.com

Choose local, organic, fair trade, cruelty-free, non-toxic, natural, and palm-oil free products… We have a choice, do your part and BE the change!


Lobbying our legislators by petitioning and getting the power back into the people’s hands.  Petitions, peaceful demonstrations, and lobbying our legislators are the best ways to be the voice for our earth and all the animal species with whom we share our planet.  We are at a crucial point in time to implement better laws and protections for animals and the environment.


We launch creative, focused campaigns in collaboration with other organizations for the greater good of humanity, animals and our earth. With pooled resources and the power of numbers we can implement solutions and reach common goals faster and more effectively than working separately.