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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up?

- Go to

- Scroll down and find the organization/cause you would like to run for

- Click on Register Now below their picture

- Click SIGN UP

- Choose your registration choice

- If you are registering yourself, click ‘Me’, if you are registering someone else, click ‘Someone else(your child, spouse, friend etc)

- Choose if you’d like to add a shirt to your registration.

- Click “create an account” to create your fundraiser page(utilizing this page is NOT required. 

If your grandmother would like to support your run-great! But no pressure to further fundraise for your cause!)

- If you would like to JOIN a team, click YES.  A drop down menu will appear and click on the team you would like to join.

You can also join a team by going to their team page and clicking Join this Team on upper right hand corner.

If you would like to CREATE a team, click YES.  Enter what you would like the TEAM NAME to be in the open box. Click next

- Complete your registration details and you’re done! 

(If you created a team, you will see it will appear once you’ve fully completed your registration details)

Q: I can't make the event, how can I participate?

There are several ways you can still participate in this great event for endangered species:

 - You can grab your friends and family, fellow students or coworkers, and other interested community members and organize a march / walk or run in your town in solidarity with our run.  You can make signs to get the message out and post your pictures on social media.

- You can donate, or better yet, sign up to get your own fundraising page, so you will basically be "virtually running" with us.  Fundraise to your family and friends, and your social media outlets asking people to donate to the cause you most care about.

- You can help us tremendously by simply posting about, and sharing our event to get the word out to others!


Q: Will there be restrooms on site?

Yes, there will be the public restrooms that are always available along the multi-use trail throughout the 5K course.  Look for small brick buildings along the multi-use trail - up by the parking lot, but near the beginning of the sand.

Q: Can I run or walk with a stroller?

Yes, but you will have to stay up on the multi-use trail instead of the sand course, don't worry - you will still be close to the action!

Q: Can I run or walk with my dog?

Yes, leashed (and friendly) dogs are welcome! But again, you will have to stay up on the multi-use trail instead of the sand course, don't worry - you will still be close to the action!

Q: Will there be somewhere I can put my purse or other personal belongings during the race?

No, we don't have lockers or a check-in for these types of items you may be concerned about leaving unattended.  You can always leave them at your own risk somewhere on the sand, but we recommend either giving a them to a spectator friend that may be watching, or bringing a fanny pack or small backpack you can run with.  You can also leave any items you may need in your locked car.

Q: Where do I park?

The parking lots will be filled with booths of all sorts, food trucks, pet adoptions, and activities so unfortunately, we will not have a lot for parking at the Beach Blvd./PCH entrance. Enter the Magnolia/PCH entrance and park as close as you can to the event which will be tawards the Beach Blvd entrance; parking will be the normal beach rate of $15 valid all day at any state beach. There will also be a lot of street parking in the surrounding area across PCH - anywhere from Beach Blvd. to Main St. should be just a few minutes walk. You can also Uber or Lyft to the event.  You can also park at Pacific City, but this can get expensive (unless you can get validated somewhere after). Valet parking is also offered at the Hyatt Regency Resort for the $20 day rate.  *Do not park at the shopping center at Atlanta and Beach Blvd. they will tow!

Q: What should I bring and wear?

  • You can wear jogging/workout/yoga clothes whatever you are most comfortable running or walking in.

  • Travel light

  • Water will be provided (but bring one if you are thinking you will need more than two bottles) & you can grab fruit at the Whole Foods stand upon finishing

  • GET CREATIVE! You can make signs for added impact if you are walking instead of running.  You can dress up like the animal you have chosen to run for, dress your dog up, or paint your face!

Q: When does early bird registration end and regular pricing begin?

Save $10 on 'Early Bird Registration' when you sign up before April 1, 2018.  After April 1st, prices will increase $10 to a regular registration rate.

Q: What is the difference between a personal or team fundraising page?

A personal fundraiser page is just for yourself or the individual registered to run. A team fundraising page is set up to have multiple people (co-workers, your entire office, friends or family) who want to run and fundraise together under the same name (you choose what to name your team) on the same page.

Q: Is it possible to run and not have a personal or team fundraising page?

Yes. All Registrations will come with a fundraising page but it is up to you if you would like to utilize and fundraise for your cause of choice.

Q: Where exactly is the event?

21579 Pacific Coast Hwy. Huntington Beach, CA 92647  @ Parking Lot at Beach Blvd & PCH

Q:  Do we start and end at different locations?

No. We start at the parking lot at Beach Blvd. & PCH, run down past Magnolia, halfway to Brookhurst St. (where Bushard St. would intersect) and then U-turn back to Beach Blvd. & PCH.

Q: What age do kids need a ticket?

Kids 4 and under are free! 5-12 need a kids participant registration, and 13+ are regular tickets.

Have another question not listed here? Email us at or fill out our contact form below and someone will get right back to you

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