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Christine Mulholland

Creative Director

Christine is the pioneer woman of Generation Awakening. To put things into perspective, she is kind of like our “everything bagel”. She is the creative-brains and heart behind our mission, campaigns  and the overall ebb and flow of the organization.  “No” is not a word in Christine’s vocabulary; she will always find a way to make everything work. Her background in Business Management, Operational Management, as well as her participation in her school’s nationally-recognized Leadership Academy, has prepared her well for this leadership role.  Since childhood, Christine was fascinated with nature and possessed a deep love for all animals.  After reading many books and watching a myriad of documentaries, she felt compelled to trade in her despair and disappointment in the world, for hope and activism—Generation Awakening was born!

Kelly King

Campaign and Event


Inspired by Generation Awakening’s ambition to make a change in the world, Kelly joined the team following our “Conversation on Conservation” event!  An elephant lover since childhood, Kelly became an impassioned activist for their survival following a volunteer trip to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, committing to help end their systematic abuse and support the fight against elephant & rhino poaching-working from the legislative level on ivory bans to advocating for anti poaching units who are the last line of defense for these beautiful animals.  An actress, designer, and producer, Kelly is excited to awaken a younger generation on the importance of wildlife as a global asset and to protect it’s future for generations to come!  

Stephanie Hill

Fundraising & Fashion4Wildlife


Stephanie is our marketer, fashionista and passionista. As a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) with an emphasis in Visual Communications, Stephanie channels her love for fashion and events into her love for wildlife in hopes of making a difference in the world and waking up our generation to the most pressing issues. She is the manager of the Fashion 4 wildlife line, loves planning events and going to them too in hopes to turn caring into an infinite trend. Once she starts talking about Generation Awakening, there is no stopping her, and her passion is palpable. The only thing Stephanie may love more than Generation Awakening is her cat, Nikey (and it’s a close call).

Shubert Mwarabu

Ambassador, Tanzania

Shubert’s deep passion for wildlife led him to start the social media cause “Me Against Poaching”. He teaches through music and interactive presentations in schools throughout Tanzania to raise awareness about poaching and declining wildlife populations.  So far, Shubert has reached over 8,000 students in his country. His efforts have led to more widespread awareness about the poaching crisis, & engages communities to participate in caring for wildlife. He's conducted several interviews on the country’s radio stations, and is having a tremendous impact spreading the important message of wildlife conservation.  Kids in his country call him “Mr. Activist” and “Elephant Man” when they see him and ask questions like “How many elephants were killed or rescued this week?”  It’s these inspiring moments that give him hope, and remind him that the work he is doing is making a difference. We help structure school presentations and provide him with resources necessary to engage the students whether it be through supplies, T-shirts so that they can be proud of the cause they’re supporting, DVD’s of our short call-to-action educational film iThemba to help in understanding the situation, or funds when needed for certain projects, we support Shubert’s mission!

David Enden

Wildlife Director

RAWWWWR! David is the lion-heart of Generation Awakening. He truly exudes the go-getter, take-on-anything attitude—like any true “King of the jungle”.  We couldn’t be more proud of all of his work to help Big Cats here in the United States. He works with organizations throughout the United States to address the private ownership of big cats, has a working relationship with one of the top Big-Cat Sanctuaries in the U.S., and actively educates his peers on all issues pertaining to the exotic wildlife trade. Oh, and did we mention that David is

currently working towards his Professional Science Master’s Degree at Colorado State University, focusing on Animal Behavior and Nonprofit Management? David is the King of our pride!

Amanda Elizabeth

Ambassador, Australia

In 2017, Amanda completed her Master's in Biological Science where she studied electroreception in sharks and rays under the supervision of Professor Shaun Collin and Dr. Ryan Kempster. Whilst completing her thesis, Amanda developed an initiative called Fin Free Soup. The idea behind Fin Free Soup is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Her Fin Free logo displayed in a restaurant's window indicates that the restaurant does not serve shark fin soup. Her website,, lists restaurants that have been personally verified to not serve the dish. The initiative was designed to allow consumers to easily make ethical decisions about their dining preferences . The project launched in Perth, Western Australia with the hopes of taking it global. Amanda's goal is to see the sale of shark fin soup banned in Australia.


As well as studying sharks, Amanda continues to connect with like-minded people across the globe in the hopes of conserving shark populations and, in turn, the marine environment.

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