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Help fund a big cat rescue!

Meet Charlie the cougar and Elsa the lion. Both have been kept in private ownership in tiny enclosures in someone’s backyard for 7 years. GA has teamed up with Tim Harrison, (Documentary: “The Elephant in the Living Room”) and his organization, Outreach for Animals to rescue these two big cats and relocate them to a sanctuary where they will receive much better care and have a LOT more room to roam, play and live! Our Big Cat Protection Director on the East Coast will be assisting Tim on the rescue and filming.

We need $500 for the rescue, we’ve already raised $200 over the weekend, from generous supporters. Can you help us reach $300 more by tonight? Please give whatever you can, if just 30 people gave $10 we will meet our goal today! The rescue video will be posted to YouTube shortly after so our generous donors can watch these big cat’s joy as they explore their new homes!

Donate by clicking the Paypal button on the bottom of our homepage or by mailing a check to our address listed on the contact page.