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Join Us For a Premiere of Cowspiracy!

On September 4th, Generation Awakening is hosting a screening of the movie “Cowspiracy”. Cowspiracy is a groundbreaking, feature-length environmental documentary exposing the total destruction being inflicted upon planet Earth by the meat and dairy industry. It also delves into the business relationship between the meat industry and our government, and the immense amount of pressure upon environmental protection groups to remain silent about it. Cowspiracy directors put their own careers and selves at risk in order to show the world “the sustainability secret”. Whether you’re a conscious environmentalist who claims to know everything there is to know about sustainability or a curious information seeker, this movie is bound to shock you. Even if you’ve already seen the film, come out and see it again to support us! Bring a friend, a family member, a neighbor!Tickets must be bought online (they will NOT be available at the door) before the end of August. If 75 people do not attend, Tugg will cancel the event! You can purchase tickets here:

The event will take place on September 4th at 6:30 pm, Huntington Century and XD at Bella Terra, Huntington Beach, CA.