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Global March For Elephants & Rhinos: Oct. 4th 2014

World Animal Day- How will you show support?

“Only when the last of the animals horns, tusks, skin and bones are sold, will Mankind realize that money can never buy back our wildlife.” – Wild at Heart.

Saturday, October 4th is World Animal Day. What better way to celebrate all of the amazing species on Mother Earth than to participate in a world-wide march to honor the Rhinos and Elephants killed by poachers? Every hour, Africa loses 4 elephants at the hands of poachers, and every hour, Africa loses 3 rhinos at the hands of poachers. These magnificent creatures are being brutally murdered for their ivory and rhino horn, with 70% of the world’s ivory ending up in China and being made into trinkets, with rhino tusks being used for “medicinal purposes”.