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Ambassador Shubert Mwarabu: Update from Tanzania

Tanzania has lost 60% of it's elephant population in just FIVE years, census reveals.

Government data shows large scale poaching for ivory as number of elephants in Tanzania drops from 109,051 in 2009 to 43,330 in 2014.

This month we raised $820 for our ambassador, Shubert Mwarabu, to support conservation efforts in his country. We will also be sending him a new iPad to replace his broken tablet he needs when he travels. As a small nonprofit, our work is dependent on the generosity of our supporters and we are so grateful for everyone who donated - THANK YOU!

How the funds will be used:

  • To help fund Shubert and his team's documentary "Jamii na Uhifadhi" (Swahili), which in English means "Communities in Conservation". It highlights the challenges of communities feeling that they are not directly involved. In reality, studies show that when communities are involved in conservation, wildlife populations rise. It will address challenges and opportunities to develop conservation and protect wildlife as Shubert leads the way to inspire youths to be in ambassadors in conservation.

  • Once completed, funds will be used to organize screenings of the documentary in communities throughout Tanzania and call for their involvement in conservation.