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Meet our new ambassador in Australia!

We are so excited to announce our team is growing with the addition of our newest ambassador, Amanda Elizabeth in Australia.

In 2017, Amanda completed her Master's in Biological Science where she studied electroreception in sharks and rays under the supervision of Professor Shaun Collin and Dr. Ryan Kempster. Whilst completing her thesis, Amanda developed an initiative called Fin Free Soup. The idea behind Fin Free Soup is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Her Fin Free logo displayed in a restaurant's window indicates that the restaurant does not serve shark fin soup. Her website,, lists restaurants that have been personally verified to not serve the dish. The initiative was designed to allow consumers to easily make ethical decisions about their dining preferences . The project launched in Perth, Western Australia with the hopes of taking it global. Amanda's goal is to see the sale of shark fin soup banned in Australia.

As well as studying sharks, Amanda continues to connect with like-minded people across the globe in the hopes of conserving shark populations and, in turn, the marine environment.