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Ulinzi Africa Foundation and founder Raabia Hawa


Empowering Africa’s Rangers, Defending Africa’s Wildlife.


The Ulinzi Africa Foundation (UAF) believes that the key to keeping the African elephant wild and thriving, is to safeguard not only the elephant itself, but also its habitat and roaming space.  Rangers remain the first line of defense not only for elephants, but all wildlife. A stronger and more consistent presence of game rangers in any area has shown tangible results in the aversion and effective reduction in poaching activities.


UAF's chosen project location is the coastal region of Kenya’s Tana Delta, an area teeming with wildlife. A certified RAMSAR site, the region is a critical habitat for wetland species and migratory birds, also earning it IBA (Important Bird Area) status, and KBA (Key Biodiversity Area) status. Sadly, it is also under constant fire from cattle rustlers and tension from various political and ethnic factions.


By implementing anti-poaching units in remote forests in the region that operate jointly with Kenya Wildlife Service, UAF has been able to mitigate poaching activity and protect the critical populations of wildlife. With this first stepping stone in place, wildlife in this area have renewed hope for rejuvenation from the rampant and unprecedented levels of bushmeat and trophy poaching, as well as environmental degradation.

Meet Raabia Hawa, founder of Ulinzi Africa Foundation and Walk with Rangers


"If you have any doubts that this seemingly fragile young lady is anything other than hard as nails, I can tell you she puts herself in some of the most remote, difficult and challenging environments because she cares.  She is one of my wildlife heroes."

-Will Travers, President of Born Free and patron of UAF 



Indian by descent and Kenyan born, Raabia Hawa has had an unrelenting love for animals and passion to protect earth’s wildlife her entire life.  After a life changing encounter with a slain elephant, a victim of Africa’s poaching crisis, Raabia left a successful career as a tv journalist to do everything possible to support nature’s caretakers - wildlife rangers. 


In 2014 she led a 25- day cross-country trek called the “Walk With Rangers”.  Starting in Arusha, Tanzania and ending in Nairobi, Kenya, the 500km trek gained global attention as participants learned about what rangers do, the sacrifices they make, and how their bravery is protecting wildlife for future generations.* 


Following the trek, Hawa launched Ulinzi Africa Foundation, East Africa’s first nonprofit aimed at ranger empowerment, welfare and facilitation. Through UAF, Hawa has raised considerable awareness of the challenges faced by rangers on the ground and has successfully provided critical training and gear to over 250 rangers across Kenya.  


Hawa is an honorary warden of KWS (Kenya Wildlife Services), was among five handpicked wildlife conservationists who participated in a conversation with civil society hosted by President Barack Obama in 2015, is a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, and was featured in the documentary "Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontlines of the Poaching War".  

"You have to make every day in life count.  Otherwise, what are you living for?” -Raabia Hawa

Generation Awakening is proud to be the U.S. fiscal sponsor for Ulinzi Africa Foundation.  100% of your donation will be transferred to Kenya in support of Ulinzi's mission.  


CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW. Thank you for being a part of this important work! 


*Please go to for upcoming information on the 2021 trek.  

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